Robust SELF-HEALING Waterproofing Technology

Waterproofing by self-healing

The active agents inside our products penetrated deeply into concrete, heal up cracks and capillaries filled with water, blocking the ingression of water from any direction.

Comprehensive protection

 Protect concrete from the attack of harmful chemicals. Robust Self-healing Waterproofing products can prevent the ingression of harmful chemicals that are soluble in water such as acids, corrosive water, and sea water, greatly reduce the natural deterioration of concrete and lengthen the life of concrete.

Reduce the scaling and flaking of masonry surface, concrete slabs, especially in area salt is used for de-icing. 

Permanent waterproofing

The waterproofing effect of our products is permanent in two ways.

Firstly, the crystals and gels grow inside the cracks by our waterproofing products are insoluble and inorganic. They have the same life-span of regular concrete. As they stay inside the concrete, you do not need to protect the surface as strictly required by other waterproofing methods at all. In fact, even all waterproofing products are ground away from the surface, the waterproofing effect will stay the same!

Secondly, after the concrete’s leaking cracks are sealed up, the wall dries up, the active ingredients will dormant. If any new micro cracks form due to foundation settlement and water gets in, the dormant active ingredients will be reactivated and heal up the new cracks again. 

Among all waterproofing technologies, Robust Self-healing Waterproofing Technology is the only one whose waterproofing effect grows with time. While the waterproofing effect of all other techniques diminishes with time!

Enjoy real dry wall and floor in a safe way

Keep water out of the wall like exterior membrane technique but no need to do the expensive and destructive outside digging and no worry about the natural membrane deterioration.

Keep water out of the foundation floor like drainage system but no need to do the expensive and destructive floor digging and no worry about sump pump failure or power outage.

Permits concrete to breathe, eliminating water vapor build up and leaving the concrete completely dry.

Extend structure’s life

Reduce long-term maintenance and replacement cost. Dramatically reduce water absorption in concrete by shutting down capillary wicking action. Keep harmful ions such as acid, chloride off the concrete steel reinforcement. 


No VOC. As safe as concrete itself

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