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Why basement waterproofing is important

Waterproofing your basement is about your health, your daily life, the value of your whole property.

To heal or to cover, that is the question

If a person’s body is bleeding, we cover it to stop bleeding. Generally it will heal up naturally.

Unlike human beings, when your basement is leaking, it is sick. If you simply cover it up to stop leaking. The wounds inside will never heal up naturally. Water inside will either continue doing damage to the concrete or find a new way to into the building.

Everything in life is a choice…. Choose wisely.

Robust Waterproofing Technology, heal your concrete

All conventional waterproofing technologies such as membrane, polymer injection, drainage system, sealant, pain can only cover the cracks and stop leaking temporarily. Water will find its way into the concrete and continue doing damage to your concrete.  

Robust Self-healing Waterproofing Technology is a unique technology that will promote growth of insoluble crystals and gels inside the concrete cracks and heal them up, keep the concrete dry.

Robust Waterproofing Technology, self-heal your concrete in the future

Robust Self-healing Waterproofing Technology can heal up all cracks that water can get in. The active ingredients will stay dormant after the concrete dries up. Should the concrete formed any new cracks because of foundation settlement and water get in, the active ingredients will be reactivated and seal up those cracks. 

Use Robust Self-healing Waterproofing products once, enjoy the waterproofing effect forever.

Robust Waterproofing Technology, protect your concrete comprehensively

Robust Self-healing Waterproofing Technology, not only protects concrete from leaking, it also protects your concrete from attack from deicing salt, from acid rain, from freeze-thaw and from attack of ASR. 

Easy to use, less disruptive to the occupants

No special surface treatment needed, does not require a dry surface. 

Can be applied on either side of a concrete surface-the negative or the positive side (the side that contacts with water).

Is less costly to apply than most other methods.

Once the active ingredient get into the concrete matrix, unlike other conventional waterproofing methods such as membrane, polymer injection, paint, the removal or damage of the concrete surface later on will not affect the waterproofing effect.

Does not require protection during back-filling, placement of steel or wire mesh, and other common procedures. 

Enhances the value of your property

When you want to sell your house, tell the buyer with proud that your basement has been treated with Robust Self-healing Waterproofing Technology. It is always as good as new. 

All other waterproofing methods, not matter how craftily made, leaving SCARS, PATCHES, STICKS, and COVERS on your basement. They devalue your property!

No destructive digging anywhere

Both drainage system, exterior membrane system need to dig either inside and outside.  Digging outside with machine could do great damage to the foundation. Digging inside on the foundation definitely is very harmful to the foundation and may lead to further foundation settlement.

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