Basement Leaks?

The dreaded annual frustration. With Robust Self-healing Waterproofing products, worry no more!

Unique Formula!


Robust Self-healing Waterproofing Technology is a proprietary technology developed by our scientists and engineers.  When our self-healing products are applied to the surface or to the matrix (during batching)  of the concrete, the active agents inside will promote the formation of crystals and gels inside cracks and capillaries filled with water, completely blocking the moving of water from any direction.The active agents will stay dormant when the concrete dries up. Should there are any other cracks and capillaries filled with water  in the future, the active agents will move toward that area by diffusion and promote the growth of new crystals and gels again. As our active agent is water soluble, so it will move with water toward cracks and capillaries area by diffusion automatically. This SMART self-healing waterproofing behavior makes our products stand out from competitors.


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